Professional Training Materials

Training Store includes professional training materials using for corporate in-house training. The training materials contributes to develop professional working skills, business skills and management – leadership skills for client organizations.

  • Designed to be ready for corporate internal training force.
  • Developed by Talent Mind Education‘s experienced trainers and coaching experts team according with ISO Quality Management Standard.
  • Validated via 1000+ practical training hours in many our clients.

Customizable Training Materials

With Training Store’s training materials, you can completely customize and update for your corporate internal training plan.

  • Customize the contents such as examples, case studies, activities,… to make the training more relevant to your audience and your training objectives.
  • Add your name, information and change Training Store’s logo by your organization logo.
  • Use unlimited number of training courses and learners within your organization
  • Pro-actively organize courses with flexible training time.

Quality Training Materials

Our classroom-ready training materials will save corporate internal trainers hundreds of course development hours and ensure training quality with effective cost:

  • Beautiful PowerPoint slides.
  • Detail training guide document for trainer.
  • Step-by-step training activities guide document for trainer.
  • Games document to help icebreak and activate learners.
  • Pratical tools and exercises for learners.
  • Training assessment templates and feedback forms.
  • Both Vietnamese and English versions are available.

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Professional Skills Materials For Corporate Training

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