What is Training Store ?

Training Store is a service providing full training materials for internal corporate training activities. The provided professional materials will help you perform effectively the people training and development programs by yourselves. It also helps save training costs.

Who is the author of Training Store materials?

Training Store is managed by Talent Mind Education. We gather and analyze the training needs, then request our experienced trainers and coaching experts to develop the training materials according to our quality management standard process. Our expert team, including Vietnamese and English trainers and coaches, has great experience with 20+ years working in training and people development.

How is Training Store materials' quality?

The Training Store materials are developed accordance with the ISO9001 quality management standard. It includes the following phases: Gathering and analyzing training needs – Designing course syllabus – Developing course contents – Reviewing and evaluating – Validating by practical training – and Updating annually.

Can I customize the Training Store materials?

You can completely customize your purchased materials (replace logo, images and update file contents,…) to meet your training requirements.

How is Training Store after-sales support?

The training materials provide how to easily perform a skill course training in detail steps. Training Store are ready to support consulting you for an effective training. Please contact us, give detail your concerns, our experts will get back to you quickly. We also provide trainer development services if your needs.

Has Training Store regularly published new training materials?

Beside periodicaly updating the exist materials, we also plan to publish new training materials every quarter of year. Please subcribe us for receiving new material notifications.

Do I have to pay annual license fees?

Your purchased materials are unlimited use time. You pay one time and use them forever. Please read Training Store license for further detail.

Can I re-sell or publish my purchased materials?

The purchased materials license specially prohibits the reselling or publishing of any of the training materials, in part or whole, and including any and all derivative works.

What are payment methods accepted by Training Store?

Training Store accepts the following payment methods:

  • Via bank transfer
  • Via Pappal, credit card

VAT invoice will be provided as requested.

How Training Store deliver the purchased materials?

After you paid the purchased package, a link will be provided for your downloading materials. You can access to your account for re-downloading later.